Marble Restoration in Japan

The Sculpture

Two fingers on a delicate marble sculpture by an unknown French artist, a nearly life-sized nude, were broken in the past and then glued back using a substance that darkened over time.

My job was to restore the fingers to their original look.


The process involved carefully removing just enough of the old glue so as to fill it with new white epoxy, but not so much that the fingers break again, and without touching any part of the original stone.

Using a professional-grade Dremel, and a variety of accessories, I removed a thin layer of the old epoxy without touching any of the original marble surrounding the old repair. Once this was done I applied a 2-part non-glossy white epoxy, filling the cracks so that it looked like the original stone. Finally, and quickly before the epoxy set, I applied white marble dust to match the texture of the stone.

Once dry I did a few minor passes with the Dremel for finishing touches.